This week’s Twitter highlights

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 14, 2010

• DaWire (@DaWireTweets) on the 2010 San Juan Feria de Arte Sonoro (Sound Art Fair):

• RT @georgiap: Mapping Haiti’s patrimony: the Mapping Haitian History Project:

• NPR on a new biography of Julio Lobo, “Sugar King of Havana” (link via Repeating Islands):

• James Bridle: do books still need covers?:

• Jim Hanas: get rid of the slush pile:

• Christopher Higgs: Some Thoughts on Book Reviews: if a book gets no critical attention, is it even a book?:

• Pauline Melville at FLIP, the Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty [in Potuguese]:

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