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Collections by individual poets

In anger, with compassion, by Mervyn Morris (review of Sounding Ground, by Vladimir Lucien), August 2016

Breaking form, by Anton Nimblett (review of Citizen, by Claudia Rankine), November 2015

Turtles all the way down, by Vivek Narayanan (review of Utter, by Vahni Capildeo), November 2015

The show must go on, by Andre Bagoo (review of Performance Anxiety, by Jane King, and Subversive Sonnets, by Pamela Mordecai), August 2015

The spirits approve, by Ishion Hutchinson (review of Black Sand: New and Selected Poems, by Edward Baugh), November 2013

Words need love too, by Vladimir Lucien (review of The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman, by Loretta Collins Klobah), November 2013

Gardening in the tropics, by Andre Bagoo (review of Lantana Strangling Ixora, by Sasenarine Persaud), November 2013

Speak, memory, by Anu Lakhan (review of The Scent of the Past: Stories and Remembrances and On the Coast and Other Poems, by Wayne Brown), November 2011

Country of want, by Jane King (review of This Strange Land, by Shara McCallum), November 2011

Freshly remembered, by Daniel Whittall (review of Selected Poems, by Una Marson, ed. Alison Donnell), November 2011

Enigmas of exile, by Nicolette Bethel (review of Running the Dusk, by Christian Campbell; A Light Song of Light, by Kei Miller; and Far District, by Ishion Hutchinson), September 2011

New testament, by Vahni Capildeo (review of Poems: All Things Bright & Quadrille for Tigers, by Christine Craig), September 2011

Into the deep, by Edward Baugh (review of Undraining Sea, by Vahni Capildeo), January 2011

Portrait of the artist as an old man, by Jane King (review of White Egrets, by Derek Walcott), November 2010

The shape of “I”, by Charmaine Valere (review of I Name Me Name, by Opal Palmer Adisa), September 2010

Wet season, by Pamela Mordecai (review of The Damp in Things, by Millicent A.A. Graham, and She Who Sleeps with Bones, by Tanya Shirley), September 2010

Her scarlet tongue, by Vahni Capildeo (review of A Leaf in His Ear: Collected Poems, by Mahadai Das), September 2010

Homestyle, by Philip Nanton (review of Suckle, by Roger Robinson, and Bird Head Son, by Anthony Joseph), September 2010

Life cycle, by Ian Dieffenthaller (review of Artefacts of Presence: Collected Poems, 1964–2000, by Anson Gonzalez), July 2010

Journey without maps, by Ian Dieffenthaller (review of Approaching Sabbaths, by Jennifer Rahim), May 2010

Arrival poems, by F.S.J. Ledgister (review of Picasso, I Want My Face Back, by Grace Nichols), May 2010

Praise poems, by Mervyn Morris (review of Selected Poems, by Ian McDonald, ed. Edward Baugh), February 2009

The contender, by Sharon Millar (review of Sylvester Devenish: Trinidad’s Poet, by Anthony de Verteuil), February 2009

Echoes in the bone, by F.S.J. Ledgister (review of After-Image, by Dennis Scott), November 2008

Islands are worlds, by Robert Edison Sandiford (review of Elemental, by John Robert Lee), November 2008

What lies within, by Lisa Allen-Agostini (review of Shell, by Olive Senior), August 2008

High breed, by Tanya Shirley (review of Leaving Traces, by Velma Pollard), August 2008

A view of one’s own, by Brendan de Caires (review of Selected Poems, by Derek Walcott, ed. Edward Baugh, and Derek Walcott, by Edward Baugh), May 2007

Notes on videolectics, by Nicholas Laughlin (review of DS (2), by Kamau Brathwaite), May 2007

And did those feet . . ., by Vahni Capildeo (review of University of Hunger: Collected Poems and Selected Prose, by Martin Carter, ed. Gemma Robinson), November 2006

Living words, by Nicholas Laughlin (review of Goldengrove: New and Selected Poems, by Lorna Goodison), November 2006

Making life, by Edward Baugh (review of Controlling the Silver, by Lorna Goodison), February 2006

Homecoming, by Edward Baugh (review of The Prodigal, by Derek Walcott), February 2005

Here be monsters, by Nicholas Laughlin (review of Lagahoo Poems, by James Christopher Aboud, and No Traveller Returns, by Vahni Capildeo), November 2004

Poetry anthologies

Songs of the road, by Simon Lee (review of Vodou Songs in Haitian Creole and English, by Benjamin Hebblethwaite, and Nan Dòmi: An Initiate’s Journey into Haitian Vodou, by Mimerose Beaubrun, trans. D.J. Walker), August 2015

Good like cook food, by Stephen Narain (review of Caribbean Erotic: Poetry, Prose, and Essays, ed. Opal Palmer Adisa and Donna Aza Weir-Soley), January 2012

Early bards, by John T. Gilmore (review of Caribbean Treasure: A Trove of 18th Century Barbadian Poetry and Prose, ed. Kevyn Alan Arthur), May 2009

Poemas boricuas, by Allison White (review of Puerto Rican Poetry: A Selection from Aboriginal to Contemporary Times, ed. Roberto Márquez), August 2008

Many tongues, by John T. Gilmore (review of The Trickster’s Tongue: An Anthology of Poetry in Translation from Africa and the African Diaspora, ed. and trans. Mark de Brito), August 2007