Original fiction and poetry index

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Flood, by Barbara Jenkins, October 2015

The King of Settlement 4, by Kevin Jared Hosein, April 2015

The tour, by Diana McCaulay, March 2011

Lacrimosa, by Roxane Gay, November 2010

Something from nothing, by Barbara Jenkins, September 2010

Photos on the walls, by Yoss (José Sánchez Gómez), translated by David Iaconangelo, May 2009

Grime is not always grime, by Anthony C. Winkler, August 2006

O stay and hear, by Phyllis Shand Allfrey (introduced by Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert), August 2004


At the Kiosk of La Gitana, by Loretta Collins Klobah, September 2016

I See That Lilith Hath Been With Thee Again. and The Abortionist’s Daughter Declares Her Love., by Shivanee Ramlochan, November 2013

Stone, by Vladimir Lucien, November 2011

Near Closing Time at Mama Flamboyan’s Redemption Rum Shop, Everson Tweed Opens His Briefcase, by Thomas Reiter, November 2011

Changeling and The Night Grew Dark Around Us, by Andre Bagoo, September 2011

Plain Talk Rising, by Mark Dow, March 2011

Cozumel, Island of Swallows, by Pamela Mordecai, January 2011

The Body, Given and Ode to the Belly, by Lauren K. Alleyne, November 2010

West Coast, by Shara McCallum, September 2010

Pan Session: Laventille, by Wayne Brown, September 2010

Even Here and The Nobodies of Never, by Vladimir Lucien, July 2010

The Garden, by Ishion Hutchinson, July 2010

Manchineel, by Shara McCallum, May 2010

This Zinc Roof and Some Definitions for Song, by Kei Miller, May 2010

Demerara Sugar, by Fred D’Aguiar, May 2009

The Edge of Night and The Bone-Trip, by Ian McDonald, May 2009

Acoustic, by Sassy Ross, May 2009

Everson Tweed Explains to the Constable, by Thomas Reiter, May 2009

Just Like That, by Tanya Shirley, February 2009

A Surveyor’s Journal, by Ishion Hutchinson, February 2009

The Carpenter Seals Lily’s Widowhood, by Nicolette Bethel, November 2008

Night in the Gardens and Shield-Shaped, by Vahni Capildeo, November 2008

Ol’ Mary, by Jason D. Hill, November 2008

Poem, by Anu Lakhan, August 2008

Blues for Cousin Alvin and Bosch’s Vision, by Anthony Joseph, August 2008

Goodman’s Bay, by Christian Campbell, August 2005

Poet 003, by Kendel Hippolyte, August 2005

St Joseph at the Music School and A Turtle Like Zeus, by Jane King, May 2005

“A somnolence as sweet as malaria”, by Derek Walcott, August 2004