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“We are on the verge of listening”: Earl Lovelace talks to B.C. Pires about his long-awaited novel Is Just a Movie, and acknowledging the importance of rebellion, January 2011

“I must make trouble for the nation”: Christian Campbell talks to Lisa Allen-Agostini about his debut book, Running the Dusk, and shaping a poetic voice, July 2010

“Writing worth keeping alive”: Jeremy Poynting talks to Nicholas Laughlin about Peepal Tree Press, the Caribbean Modern Classics series, and defining the Caribbean literary canon, May 2010

“The editing eye”: Nicolette Bethel talks to Nicholas Laughlin about tongues of the ocean, May 2009

“Where the borders are”: Leonardo Padura talks to Gavin O’Toole about journalism, literature, and freedom of expression in Cuba, February 2009

“Criticism as a question”: David Scott talks to Nicholas Laughlin about Small Axe, November 2008

“I know the language is true”: Lorna Goodison talks to Nicholas Laughlin about her memoir From Harvey River, August 2008

“I live a simple life”: Pedro Juan Gutiérrez talks to Nazma Muller about the dangers of autobiographical writing, November 2007