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Patois canticles: Oonya Kempadoo talks to Stephen Narain about her novel All Decent Animals and the complexity of writing contemporary Caribbean life in fiction, August 2015

“We are on the verge of listening”: Earl Lovelace talks to B.C. Pires about his long-awaited novel Is Just a Movie, and acknowledging the importance of rebellion, January 2011

“I must make trouble for the nation”: Christian Campbell talks to Lisa Allen-Agostini about his debut book, Running the Dusk, and shaping a poetic voice, July 2010

“Writing worth keeping alive”: Jeremy Poynting talks to Nicholas Laughlin about Peepal Tree Press, the Caribbean Modern Classics series, and defining the Caribbean literary canon, May 2010

“The editing eye”: Nicolette Bethel talks to Nicholas Laughlin about tongues of the ocean, May 2009

“Where the borders are”: Leonardo Padura talks to Gavin O’Toole about journalism, literature, and freedom of expression in Cuba, February 2009

“Criticism as a question”: David Scott talks to Nicholas Laughlin about Small Axe, November 2008

“I know the language is true”: Lorna Goodison talks to Nicholas Laughlin about her memoir From Harvey River, August 2008

“I live a simple life”: Pedro Juan Gutiérrez talks to Nazma Muller about the dangers of autobiographical writing, November 2007

Reading, writing, religion: Mark McWatt and Marlon James talk to Annie Paul about literary influences, the momentum of fiction, and matters of language and religion, November 2006