We are gradually adding a full archive of the CRB (2004 to the present) to our new website.

No. 30 • November 2013

Ishion Hutchinson on Black Sand, by Edward Baugh; Vladimir Lucien on The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman, by Loretta Collins Klobah; A. Naomi Jackson on The Ladies Are Upstairs, by Merle Collins; Nicholas Laughlin on the exhibition Into the Mix; Annie Paul on The Stuart Hall Project, directed by John Akomfrah; poems by Shivanee Ramlochan; etc.

No. 29 • January 2012

Brendan de Caires on The Sly Company of People Who Care, by Rahul Bhattacharya; Bridget Brereton on The Sugar Barons, by Matthew Parker; F.S.J. Ledgister on travel books by John Gimlette and Ian Thomson; David Iaconangelo on Beat writers in Cuba; Stephen Narain on Caribbean literary erotica.

No. 28 • November 2011

Anu Lakhan on Wayne Brown’s poems and prose; Jane King on Shara McCallum; Ifeona Fulani on Lorna Goodison’s fiction; Daniel Whittall on Una Marson; F.S.J. Ledgister on Colin Grant’s I & I: The Natural Mystics; Andrea E. Shaw on the zombie invasion of Occupy Wall Street; poems by Vladimir Lucien and Thomas Reiter; etc.

No. 27 • September 2011

Nicolette Bethel on poetry by Christian Campbell, Kei Miller, and Ishion Hutchinson; Daniel Whittall on Henry Sylvester Williams; F.S.J. Ledgister on Cuban Fiestas, by Roberto González Echevarría; Lisa Allen-Agostini on The Loneliness of Angels, by Myriam J.A. Chancy; recent Caribbean film; Alastair Bird on Aurelio Martinez; poems by Andre Bagoo; etc.

No. 26 • March 2011

Aaron Kamugisha on C.L.R. James and the Study of Culture, by Andrew Smith; Ian Craig on The Havana Habit, by Gustavo Pérez Firmat; F.S.J. Ledgister on Manuel Zapata Olivella’s novel Changó, the Biggest Badass; Charmaine Valere on The Long Song, by Andrea Levy; new fiction by Diana McCaulay; a portfolio of recent work by artist Holly Bynoe; etc.

No. 25 • January 2011

Brendan de Caires on Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work, by Edwidge Danticat; F.S.J. Ledgister on A Black Soldier’s Story: The Narrative of Ricardo Batrell; Nadia Ellis on DanceHall: From Slave Ship to Ghetto, by Sonjah Stanley Niaah; J. Michael Dash pays tribute to the late Édouard Glissant; the 2010 CRB books of the year; etc.

No. 24 • November 2010

Jane King on Derek Walcott’s White Egrets; Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw on Dany Laferrière; F.S.J. Ledgister on Edward Seaga; Malachi McIntosh on Denis Williams; a portfolio of recent work by artist Blue Curry; Judy Raymond on the creative omissions of Michel Jean Cazabon; short fiction by Roxane Gay; poems by Lauren K. Alleyne; etc.

No. 23 • September 2010

Vahni Capildeo on Mahadai Das; Melissa Richards on Anton Nimblett’s Sections of an Orange; J. Michael Dash on Red and Black in Haiti, by Matthew J. Smith; Pamela Mordecai on Millicent Graham and Tanya Shirley; Edwidge Danticat on the courage to write and read in dangerous times; Mervyn Morris on Wayne Brown; recent Caribbean film; etc.

No. 22 • July 2010

Brendan de Caires on Belinda Edmondson’s Caribbean Middlebrow; John Gilmore on Frank Collymore; Nadia Ellis on Tiphanie Yanique’s How to Escape from a Leper Colony; Kelly Baker Josephs on C.L.R. James in Montreal; Nicolette Bethel on Sidney Mintz; Annie Paul on Young Talent V at the National Gallery of Jamaica; an interview with Christian Campbell; etc.

No. 21 • May 2010

F.S.J. Ledgister on Picasso, I Want My Face Back, by Grace Nichols; Ian Dieffenthaller on Approaching Sabbaths, by Jennifer Rahim; Jonathan Ali on Raymond Ramcharitar’s Island Quintet; Joshua Jelly-Schapiro on Paule Marshall; Vahni Capildeo on visiting India; an interview with Jeremy Poynting of Peepal Tree Press; poems by Kei Miller and Shara McCallum; etc.

No. 20 • May 2009

CRB 20 cover artworkKei Miller on Marlon James’s novel The Book of Night Women; Anu Lakhan on Michelle Cliff’s short fiction and essays; Vanessa Spence on Amanda Smyth’s Black Rock; Andre Bagoo on Trinidad Noir; an interview with Nicolette Bethel, editor of tongues of the ocean; fiction by Yoss; poems by Fred D’Aguiar, Ian McDonald, Thomas Reiter, and Sassy Ross; etc.

No. 19 • February 2009

CRB 19 cover artworkJeremy Taylor on John Williams’s biography of Michael X; Mervyn Morris on Ian McDonald’s Selected Poems; Melissa Richards on Jacob Ross’s novel Pynter Bender; an interview with Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura; Fred D’Aguiar on Wilson Harris’s notions of space and time; poems by Ishion Hutchinson and Tanya Shirley; etc.

No. 18 • November 2008

CRB 18 cover artworlJeremy Taylor on Patrick French’s biography of V.S. Naipaul; Brendan de Caires on slavery, death, and memory; Kelly Baker Josephs on Our Caribbean: A Gathering of Gay and Lesbian Writing from the Antilles; F.S.J. Ledgister on Dennis Scott’s After-Image; an interview with Small Axe editor David Scott; excerpts from Martin Carter’s notebooks; etc.

No. 17 • August 2008

Cover of the August 2008 CRB

Vahni Capildeo on Eric Roach; Jeremy Taylor on Marcus Garvey; Lisa Allen-Agostini on Olive Senior’s Shell; Kei Miller on the texture of fiction; Anthony Winkler on growing up in Montego Bay; Christopher Cozier on Gerard Gaskin’s Trinidad Artists; an interview with Lorna Goodison; poems by Anthony Joseph and Anu Lakhan; etc.

No. 16 • May 2008

Cover of the May 2008 CRB

Brendan de Caires on two studies of C.L.R. James; Vahni Capildeo on ten “new” Caribbean poets; Shara McCallum on Lorna Goodison’s From Harvey River; Bridget Brereton on Maureen Warner-Lewis’s Archibald Monteath; J. Michael Dash and Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw on Aimé Césaire (1913–2008); Edward Baugh on Frank Collymore; etc.

No. 15 • February 2008

Cover of the February 2008 CRB

Marlon James on Junot Díaz’s novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao; Brendan de Caires on V.S. Naipaul’s A Writer’s People; Jeremy Taylor on Che Guevara remembered in verse; Annie Paul on Erna Brodber; Nicholas Laughlin on Isaac Mendes Belisario; Tobias S. Buckell on being, if not looking, Caribbean; fiction by Boeli van Leeuwen; etc.

No. 14 • November 2007

Cover of the November 2007 CRB

Judy Raymond on Colin A. Palmer’s biography of Eric Williams; Kwame Dawes on Kamau Brathwaite’s MiddlePassages; Glyne Griffith on Mervyn Morris; Kei Miller on James Berry’s Windrush Songs; Ralph de Boissière on literary Trinidad in the 1930s; an interview with Pedro Juan Gutiérrez; poems by Ian McDonald and Shara McCallum; etc.

No. 13 • August 2007

Cover of the August 2007 CRBBrendan de Caires on Leonardo Padura’s Havana Quartet; Melanie Archer on Krista A. Thompson’s An Eye for the Tropics; John T. Gilmore on African diaspora poetry; Philip Nanton on James Mitchell; David Dabydeen on Egbert Martin; Marlon James on Jean Rhys’s “worthless” women; poems by Vahni Capildeo and Thomas Reiter; etc.

No. 12 • May 2007

Cover of the May 2007 CRBBrendan de Caires on Derek Walcott; Anu Lakhan on Anthony C. Winkler and what it takes to be funny; John T. Gilmore on Silvio Torres-Saillant’s Intellectual History of the Caribbean; Nicholas Laughlin on Kamau Brathwaite’s DS (2); Annie Paul on the 2006 Jamaica National Biennial; tributes to Lloyd Best (1934–2007); poems by Kei Miller; etc.

No. 11 • February 2007

CRB 11 cover thumbnailGarnette Cadogan on recent Bob Marley biographies; Melissa Richards on Niala Maharaj’s Like Heaven; Brendan de Caires on Wilson Harris’s novel The Ghost of Memory; Edward Baugh on Kei Miller’s debut books of fiction and poems; Christopher Cozier on Dean Arlen’s Cape Town Chronicles; Kenneth Ramchand on Peter Minshall; etc.

No. 10 • November 2006

Cover of CRB number 10A tribute to Samuel B. Bandara; Vahni Capildeo on Martin Carter; Jeremy Taylor on Edric Connor; Laurence Breiner on Eric Roach; Annie Paul talks to Mark McWatt and Marlon James; Rupert Roopnaraine on Stanley Greaves’s Shadows Move Among Them; Garnette Cadogan on Louise Bennett-Coverly; a poem by Gwyneth Barber Wood; etc.

No. 9 • August 2006

Cover of CRB no. 9Vahni Capildeo on E.A. Markham; Anu Lakhan on four Jamaican poets; Rachel L. Mordecai on Dionne Brand; Jane Bryce on Marie-Elena John’s novel Unburnable; Mark Lyndersay on photographer Jeffrey Chock’s Trinidad Carnival; Nicholas Laughlin on Christopher Cozier’s Tropical Night drawings; fiction by Anthony C. Winkler; etc.

No. 8 • May 2006

Cover of The Caribbean Review of Books, no. 8Jeremy Taylor on Notes from the Last Testament:
The Struggle for Haiti
, by Michael Deibert; Mervyn Morris on Kendel Hippolyte; Melissa Richards on Shani Mootoo’s novel He Drown She in the Sea; Vahni Capildeo on Caryl Phillips; John T. Gilmore on Édouard Glissant; Marlon James on Thomas Glave’s Words to Our Now; a poem by Anu Lakhan; etc.