No. 22 • July 2010

Image above: installation view of artist Karyn Olivier’s ACA Foods Free Library project; photograph courtesy the artist


Middling passages?
Brendan de Caires on Caribbean Middlebrow: Leisure Culture and the Middle Class, by Belinda Edmondson

History’s garden
Nicolette Bethel on Three Ancient Colonies: Caribbean Themes and Variations, by Sidney W. Mintz

Life cycle
Ian Dieffenthaller on Artefacts of Presence: Collected Poems, 1964–2000, by Anson Gonzalez

The godfather
John T. Gilmore on Frank Collymore: A Biography, by Edward Baugh

Lonely Londoner
Jonathan Ali on Escape to an Autumn Pavement, by Andrew Salkey

Bridge beyond
Nadia Ellis on How to Escape from a Leper Colony, by Tiphanie Yanique

Revolutionary roads
Vanessa Spence on Eating Air, by Pauline Melville

The trip to bountiful
Geoffrey Philp on The Fullness of Everything, by Patricia Powell

Dear Eric
Andre Bagoo on The White Woman on the Green Bicycle, by Monique Roffey

Head of the class
Kelly Baker Josephs on You Don’t Play With Revolution: The Montreal Lectures of C.L.R. James, ed. David Austin

Other new and recent books


“I must make trouble for the nation”
Christian Campbell talks to Lisa Allen-Agostini about shaping a poetic voice and his debut book, Running the Dusk

Brave new world
Annie Paul reviews Young Talent V at the National Gallery of Jamaica,
plus a portfolio of work by all fourteen artists

Sweet grouper throats
Glimpses of contemporary Miami; an essay-cum-poem by Mark Dow

Hungry for words
Images of Karyn Olivier’s ACA Foods Free Library project, and an interview with the artist

Moving pictures
Paramaribo’s painted wilde bussen

The Garden, by Ishion Hutchinson
Even Here and The Nobodies of Never, by Vladimir Lucien