No. 30 • November 2013

Image above: Still from Touch (video, 2002), by Janine Antoni

A note to readers
On the CRB’s return to regular publication




The spirits approve
Ishion Hutchinson on Black Sand: New and Selected Poems, by Edward Baugh

Words need love too
Vladimir Lucien on The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman, by Loretta Collins Klobah

Gardening in the tropics
Andre Bagoo on Lantana Strangling Ixora, by Sasenarine Persaud

Downstairs stories
A. Naomi Jackson on The Ladies Are Upstairs, by Merle Collins

What we go do?
Anton Nimblett on Near Open Water: Stories, by Keith Jardim

“I am looking for a hero”
F.S.J. Ledgister on John Hearne’s Life and Fiction: A Critical Biographical Study, by Shivaun Hearne

In a minor key
Philip Nanton on In Search of Asylum: The Later Writings of Eric Walrond, ed. Louis J. Parascandola and Carl A. Wade

Our America
David Knight, Jr, on The Purloined Islands: Caribbean-US Crosscurrents in Literature and Culture, 1880–1959, by Jeff Karem




A fine balance
Nicholas Laughlin looks back at the 2012 exhibition Into the Mix, curated by Aldy Milliken, at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

Towards the next conjecture
Annie Paul on The Stuart Hall Project, directed by John Akomfrah

I See That Lilith Hath Been with Thee Again. and The Abortionist’s Daughter Declares Her Love., by Shivanee Ramlochan