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Reviews of recordings

Atlantic crossings, by Alastair Bird (on Laru Beya, by Aurelio Martinez), September 2011

Disco routes, by Alastair Bird (on Pass It On (Part 1)/Tomorrow’s Sun, by Eddie Hooper, and disco’s Caribbean connections), January 2011

Do not go gentle, by B.C. Pires (on The Longest Kiss Goodnight, by jointpop), September 2010

Woodsmoke and ground-doves, by John Robert Lee (on Sesenne Descartes and her classic 1991 album St Lucia’s First Lady of Folk), September 2010

Review of books on individual musicians and bands

Reggae trinity, by F.S.J. Ledgister (review of I & I: The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh, Wailer, by Colin Grant), November 2011

Tuffer than tough, by Geoffrey Dunn (review of Bob Marley, by Garry Steckles), November 2008

Musicology and music theory

From the New World, by Simon Lee (review of Music in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Encyclopedic History, ed. Malena Kuss), November 2008