Post image for No. 19 • February 2009

No. 19 • February 2009

Image above: The N Train (2008), by Philip Thomas; mixed media on linen, 150 x 66 inches; courtesy the artist and the National Gallery of Jamaica


The X file

Jeremy Taylor on Michael X: A Life in Black and White, by John L. Williams

Praise poems
Mervyn Morris on Selected Poems, by Ian McDonald, ed. Edward Baugh

Family matters
Melissa Richards on Pynter Bender, by Jacob Ross

Home and away
Rhoda Bharath on Caribbean Literature After Independence: The Case of Earl Lovelace, ed. Bill Schwartz, and A Place in the World: Essays and Tributes in Honour of Earl Lovelace at 70, ed. Funso Aiyejina

On broken ground
F.S.J. Ledgister on Caribbean Culture: Soundings on Kamau Brathwaite, ed. Annie Paul

The contender
Sharon Millar on Sylvester Devenish: Trinidad’s Poet, by Anthony de Verteuil

Ronald Cummings on Valmiki’s Daughter, by Shani Mootoo
Geoffrey Philp on Daddy Sharpe, by Fred W. Kennedy
Lisa Allen-Agostini on Into the Mosaic, by Marlene St Rose

Other new and recent books


Browsing the ether

The 2008 CRB books of the year
The CRB’s editors recommend ten outstanding books from last year

“Where the borders are”
Leonardo Padura talks to Gavin O’Toole about journalism, literature, and freedom of expression in Cuba

Fred D’Aguiar on the elasticity of space and time in the fiction of Wilson Harris

Herd instincts
Nicholas Laughlin on T’in Cow Fat Cow and mas as protest art

Just Like That, by Tanya Shirley
A Surveyor’s Journal, by Ishion Hutchinson