No. 14 • November 2007

Image above: Detail of Noche insular: Metamorfosis (2004–6), by Ibrahim Miranda; vermilion, xylograph, serigraph, varnish, mercury chromium on maps, dimensions variable; courtesy the artist and the Brooklyn Museum


Doctor, doctor
Judy Raymond on Eric Williams and the Making of the Modern Caribbean, by Colin A. Palmer

Great black hope
Jeremy Taylor on Toussaint Louverture: A Biography, by Madison Smartt Bell

Against ignorance
Kwame Dawes on Kamau Brathwaite’s MiddlePassages: A Lecture

The lives of words
Glyne Griffith on I Been There, Sort Of: New and Selected Poems, by Mervyn Morris

Sing another one
Kei Miller on Windrush Songs, by James Berry

Space rastas
Lisa Allen-Agostini on Ragamuffin, by Tobias S. Buckell

Creole survivors
Simon Lee on The Garifuna: A Nation Across Borders, ed. Joseph O. Palacio

An island is a world
Nicholas Laughlin on Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art, curated by Tumelo Mosaka

Nicholas Laughlin on The Nobbie Stories for Children and Adults, by C.L.R. James
• Nicholas Laughlin on Saint Lucian Literature and Theatre: An Anthology of Reviews, ed. John Robert Lee and Kendel Hippolyte
• Georgina Jiménez on The Boys from Dolores: Fidel Castro’s Schoolmates from Revolution to Exile, by Patrick Symmes
• Vaneisa Baksh on Shouts from the Outfield: The ArtsEtc Cricket Anthology, ed. Linda M. Deane and Robert Edison Sandiford
• Jonathan Ali on Freedom and Responsibility — the Dean Speaks: A Collection of the Writings of George John

Other new and recent books



From the life

I join the subversives
Ralph de Boissière on literary Trinidad in the 1930s

“I live a simple life”

Pedro Juan Gutiérrez talks to Nazma Muller about the dangers of autobiographical writing

Cold comfort
Georgia Popplewell on Frances-Anne Solomon’s film A Winter Tale

• Goat Boy and Dream Heron, by Ian McDonald
• Blue Song and The Fall, by Shara McCallum