No. 26 • March 2011

Image above: Detail of Pedigree (2009), by Holly Bynoe; digital collage,
40 x 40 inches; image courtesy the artist



Culture matters
Aaron Kamugisha on C.L.R. James and the Study of Culture, by Andrew Smith

Crazy for Cuba
Ian Craig on The Havana Habit, by Gustavo Pérez Firmat

Make it new
Dylan Kerrigan on The Thought of New World: The Quest for Decolonisation, ed. Brian Meeks and Norman Girvan

Out of Africa
F.S.J. Ledgister on Changó, the Biggest Badass, by Manuel Zapata Olivella, trans. Jonathan Tittler

Truths and consequences
Charmaine Valere on The Long Song, by Andrea Levy

Other new and recent books



Turn of the tide
Images from Holly Bynoe’s Compounds series, and an interview with the artist by Melanie Archer

The tour
By Diana McCaulay; an excerpt from her novel-in-progress, Huracan

Plain Talk Rising, by Mark Dow