No. 21 • May 2010

Image above: Dhiradj Ramsamoedj holding one of the cups from his Adjie Gilas project; photograph by Christopher Cozier

CRB version 2.5
A note to readers on the relaunch of the CRB


Curating memory
Brendan de Caires on Exhibiting Slavery: The Caribbean Postmodern Novel as Museum, by Vivian Nun Halloran

Man in black
Jeremy Taylor on Conversations with Caryl Phillips, ed. Renée T. Schatteman

Arrival poems
F.S.J. Ledgister on Picasso, I Want My Face Back, by Grace Nichols

Journey without maps
Ian Dieffenthaller on Approaching Sabbaths, by Jennifer Rahim

Reptile metaphysics
Anu Lakhan on Crocodile, by Anthony C. Winkler

Tristes tropiques
Jonathan Ali on The Island Quintet: A Sequence, by Raymond Ramcharitar

Greener pastures
Lisa Allen-Agostini on Who’s Your Daddy? And Other Stories, by Geoffrey Philp

Blood witness
Ronald Cummings on The Torturer’s Wife, by Thomas Glave


Travellin’ woman
Joshua Jelly-Schapiro on Paule Marshall’s coming of age and the “third migration” of African-American literature

Questions of approach, part 1, part 2, part 3
Vahni Capildeo begins her first visit to India. An essay in three parts about the writer’s trip to Delhi and Mumbai

“Writing worth keeping alive”
Jeremy Poynting talks to Nicholas Laughlin about Peepal Tree Press, the new Caribbean Modern Classics series, and how to define the Caribbean canon

A place to stand
Images of Dhiradj Ramsamoedj’s Adjie Gilas installation, with a short essay by Nicholas Laughlin

This Zinc Roof and Some Definitions for Song, by Kei Miller
Manchineel, by Shara McCallum