Time passes

by Nicholas Laughlin on November 1, 2013

It happens (and has happened before): a pause for breath, a short break to clear the head, a temporary halt under the world’s pressures becomes a more lingering withdrawal. Even if the hours seem to drag, days are fugitive and weeks speed by. Before you really grasp it, months have disappeared. In the case of Antilles, nineteen months — that’s how long it’s been since our previous post.

The CRB has been on a sustained hiatus since early 2012. In November 2013, at long last, we resume regular online publication, thanks to the support of the Bocas Lit Fest. We’re returning to the quarterly timetable of our original print edition, with new issues appearing in November, February, May, and August, mid-month. And Antilles is returning as well, to supplement the magazine’s literary and cultural coverage with news, links to and excerpts from interesting writing published elsewhere, and the occasional musings of the CRB editor (your Antilles blogger). The usual miscellany, in other words — on a frequent but irregular schedule, and with the enduring aim of provoking conversation about literature and the arts, and their role in the evolution of (lofty concept!) Caribbean civilisation. Or something like that.

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