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“You are involved”

by Nicholas Laughlin on February 2, 2011

I really wish al-jazeera could call on CLR James right now. That was a comment made on Twitter three days ago by The Public Archive, a small collective of historians based at Vanderbilt University. Like them, like many people, I’ve spent much of the past week observing from afar the astonishing events in Egypt, where [...]


Our regularly scheduled programme

by Nicholas Laughlin on October 19, 2010

Dedication plaque inside the current C.L.R. James Library in London. Photograph by sarflondondunc, posted at Flickr under a Creative Commons license Antilles has been silent the past few weeks — not because there’s nothing going on, but rather the opposite: there’s been too much happening for your Antilles blogger to keep up. The Port of [...]

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Transformative reading

by Nicholas Laughlin on September 22, 2010

C.L.R. James . . . it is appalling to learn that the C.L.R. James Library in Hackney (a borough of London) is going to be renamed the Dalston Library and Archives, after the neighborhood in which it is located. James was there when the library was christened in his honour in 1985. The authorities insist [...]


The future in the present

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 3, 2010

Enthroned Madonna (2010), by Marvin Bartley; digital print on archival paper; 109.2 x 241.3 cm. Image courtesy the National Gallery of Jamaica Regular Antilles readers may remember that nearly two months ago we posted a few images from and links to the Young Talent V exhibition at the National Gallery of Jamaica. The Young Talent [...]


“Absent presences”

by Nicholas Laughlin on June 19, 2010

Lower Potaro River, Guyana, with Kaieteur Falls just visible in the distance. Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin Deeply influenced by the “mythic method” of high modernists like Eliot and Joyce, Harris set out to redescribe his society sub specie eternitatis — through the lens of an historical consciousness which reached back several centuries and encompassed the [...]