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“I’ve wasted a bit of myself”

by Nicholas Laughlin on October 24, 2010

V.S. Naipaul in his younger days NAIPAUL I’m unusual in that I have had a long career. Most people from limited backgrounds write one book. I’m a prose writer. A prose book contains many thousands of sentiments, observations, thoughts — it is a lot of work. The pattern for most people is to do a [...]



by Nicholas Laughlin on August 24, 2010

Jean Rhys Today is the one hundred and twentieth birthday of Ella Gwendolyn Rees Williams, better known to literature and posterity as Jean Rhys. A good opportunity to dip into the archive and read Marlon James’s essay on Rhys and the women in her fiction, published three years ago in the August 2007 CRB. “It [...]


“Another shrug”

by Nicholas Laughlin on July 15, 2010

Jean Rhys . . . then there is the usual problem of fragmentation . . . which raises the question of whether a group of individuals linked to the same geographical area who nevertheless write independently of each other and without each other’s work in mind really form a common tradition. Which reminds me of [...]