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From the CRB archive: considering Eric Roach

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 22, 2010

Eric Roach. Photograph courtesy Laurence Breiner Today’s Stabroek News includes an essay by Al Creighton on the Tobagonian poet Eric Roach, one of Caribbean literature’s great tragic figures. Born in Tobago in 1915, educated at a grammar school in Scarborough, Roach began publishing his poems in the late 1930s in local newspapers. Over the next [...]


“A crumpled heaven”

by Nicholas Laughlin on May 26, 2010

The CRB’s editorial engine is running again, though with the occasional cough and splutter — we’re not yet at cruising speed, as it were. But our May 2010 issue — our first in a year — is under way, with the first new reviews appearing at the start of the month and another batch published [...]