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“Always a good time to support young people”

by Nicholas Laughlin on September 3, 2010

I’ve known Lisa Allen-Agostini since we were both undergraduates at UWI-St Augustine — long enough ago that I have to squint and do some mental math to work out the year. The very first time we met, she was introduced to me as a writer. At a stage when most of our peers were still [...]


“Broader than Broadway”

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 31, 2010

Christian Campbell. Photograph by Sammy Rawal, courtesy Peepal Tree Press Today is Independence Day here in Trinidad and Tobago — parades, flags, fireworks — and today we also wrap up the current issue of the CRB with three last features. First, a portfolio of images from the painted wilde bussen — minibuses — of Paramaribo, [...]