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This week’s Twitter highlights

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 7, 2010

• “Decanting gold and silver from her wrists”: “Yarn Spinner”, a new poem by Pamela Mordecai, at Geoffrey Philp’s blog: • Writer and scholar Sylvia Wynter honoured in Jamaica independence national awards: • Charmaine Valere on Tanya Shirley’s She Who Sleeps With Bones: • “Grace Jones on Writing” (as it were), at [...]


Brain food

by Nicholas Laughlin on July 14, 2010

Installation view of Karyn Olivier’s ACA Foods Free Library. Photograph courtesy the artist The latest issue of the CRB — dated July 2010 — began publication yesterday (and will continue for the next six weeks, with new reviews and other pieces appearing every week). We kick things off with three reviews. First, Ian Dieffenthaller tackles [...]