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Five reasons to read the CRB: Brendan de Caires

by Nicholas Laughlin on November 8, 2010

The Portal (2006; 107 x 73 cm), by Stanley Greaves; from the Shadows Move Among Them series During November and December 2010, the CRB is running a readers’ donation drive. Find out more here. This post is the first of a series in which CRB contributors suggest five reasons to read and support the magazine [...]


Confessions of a judge

by Nicholas Laughlin on June 4, 2010

Image posted at Flickr under a Creative Commons license by Georg Mayer When the Caribbean and Canada regional shortlist for the 2009 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize was announced last February, several of my friends and colleagues commented on — indeed, complained about — the fact that only one of the twelve shortlisted books was by a [...]


Arrival matters

by Nicholas Laughlin on May 31, 2010

Yesterday was Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago, the annual occasion for commemorating the country’s ancestors from the Indian subcontinent and their long journeys here, across the dark waters of two oceans. Since it fell on a Sunday, we got the public holiday today instead; but, holiday or not, your editor-blogger was hard at [...]