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“A dangerous balance between silence and art”

by Nicholas Laughlin on October 20, 2010

Marcel Numa and Louis Drouin (at left), moments before their execution; Port-au-Prince, November 1964 . . . on November 12, 1964, two pine poles are erected outside the national cemetery. A captive audience is gathered. Radio, print, and television journalists are summoned. Numa and Drouin are dressed in what on old black-and-white film seem to [...]

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R.I.P. Sesenne Descartes, 1914–2010

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 12, 2010

Sesenne Descartes. Photograph courtesy the St Lucia Folk Research Centre My country heart, I am not home till Sesenne sings, a voice with woodsmoke and ground-doves in it, that cracks like clay on a road whose tints are the dry season’s, whose cuatros tighten my heartstrings. The shac-shacs rattle like cicadas under the fur-leaved nettles [...]