“One of those moments you live entirely alone”

by Nicholas Laughlin on November 30, 2010

Mervyn Morris

Mervyn Morris

Do you know those moments when nothing has happened; nothing that you can talk about — yet you feel that some tremendous change has taken place? It is like the spinning and prickling in the limbs that you can feel at night when your bones are growing; except this other kind of change is more to do with how, and what, you are able to feel and think — a sudden roar in your secret imagination, or a new fluidity in your sense of yourself and the world, whether or not you find a place to express this.

The Jamaican poet Mervyn Morris’s poem “The Pond” is not “about” some big event or theme. It is that rare thing, a poem that brings you to one of those moments you live entirely alone and that transforms you . . .

Vahni Capildeo muses on “The Pond” for YM, a magazine for “new readers and writers of poetry,” published by the British Poetry Society.

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