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“One of those moments you live entirely alone”

by Nicholas Laughlin on November 30, 2010

Mervyn Morris Do you know those moments when nothing has happened; nothing that you can talk about — yet you feel that some tremendous change has taken place? It is like the spinning and prickling in the limbs that you can feel at night when your bones are growing; except this other kind of change [...]


Screening notes

by Nicholas Laughlin on October 26, 2010

Stephen Tyrone Williams and Johnny Ferro in Children of God, directed by Kareem Mortimer. Photograph courtesy the trinidad+tobago film festival The September 2010 issue of the CRB wraps up today, with the publication of our latest “Also noted” column, featuring brief reviews of ten recent books from and about the Caribbean. (They include Cecil Gray’s [...]


From the CRB archive: considering Eric Roach

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 22, 2010

Eric Roach. Photograph courtesy Laurence Breiner Today’s Stabroek News includes an essay by Al Creighton on the Tobagonian poet Eric Roach, one of Caribbean literature’s great tragic figures. Born in Tobago in 1915, educated at a grammar school in Scarborough, Roach began publishing his poems in the late 1930s in local newspapers. Over the next [...]


(Taking a breather)

by Nicholas Laughlin on July 7, 2010

The first bimonthly online-only issue of the CRB — no. 21, dated May 2010 — wrapped up publication last week, with the third and final part of Vahni Capildeo’s vivacious essay on visiting India, “Questions of approach”. You can see the full contents of this issue here, just in case you missed something. And now [...]


Reading: Town, June 2010

by Nicholas Laughlin on June 17, 2010

During the CRB’s break in publication last year, your Antilles blogger put his head together with two writer friends — Vahni Capildeo and Anu Lakhan — and started a modest little publishing project, the literary and art journal Town. Each issue contains just a few short pieces of writing, poems mostly, and two or three [...]


“I will always be speaking with you”

by Nicholas Laughlin on June 7, 2010

Excerpt from The Terror and the Time, Rupert Roopnaraine’s 1979 film, including Martin Carter’s reading of his poem “This Is the Dark Time My Love” Were Martin Carter still alive, he would be eighty-three today. Carter’s life and work have been much on my mind the past months. They offer exemplary matter for contemplation of [...]


Arrival matters

by Nicholas Laughlin on May 31, 2010

Yesterday was Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago, the annual occasion for commemorating the country’s ancestors from the Indian subcontinent and their long journeys here, across the dark waters of two oceans. Since it fell on a Sunday, we got the public holiday today instead; but, holiday or not, your editor-blogger was hard at [...]


“A crumpled heaven”

by Nicholas Laughlin on May 26, 2010

The CRB’s editorial engine is running again, though with the occasional cough and splutter — we’re not yet at cruising speed, as it were. But our May 2010 issue — our first in a year — is under way, with the first new reviews appearing at the start of the month and another batch published [...]