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Ciudad grande

by Nicholas Laughlin on September 18, 2010

Lithograph from Puck magazine (1898), advocating US intervention in Cuba. Image courtesy the New-York Historical Society In New York throughout the nineteenth century, new immigrant communities were formed. The numbers were still small — in the early 1860s, we learn, about 1,300 Spaniards and Latin Americans lived in New York — but they grew. Poets, [...]


Looking: Alejandro Campíns

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 5, 2010

Un minuto antes de iluminarse (2009), by Alejandro Campíns; oil and acrylic on canvas; 120 x 100 cm. Image courtesy Servando Galeria de Arte We live a strange sort of anachronistic poetry in Cuba . . . Even if you don’t want it to, this poetry influences what any artist here produces. You live in [...]