Looking: Alejandro Campíns

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 5, 2010

Un minuto, by Alejandro Campins

Un minuto antes de iluminarse (2009), by Alejandro Campíns; oil and acrylic on canvas; 120 x 100 cm. Image courtesy Servando Galeria de Arte

We live a strange sort of anachronistic poetry in Cuba . . . Even if you don’t want it to, this poetry influences what any artist here produces. You live in a house made in the 1950s, you wake up and turn on a brand-new Chinese TV, you go to the street and hop in an American car from the ’40s to get to your friend’s 1920s house. As a result, my painting goes to many different places . . .

There are days when I want to paint about, say, politics and other days when I want nothing to do with it. Sometimes I begin painting a lion and finish with a butterfly . . . I begin painting aggressively, and the finished painting turns out as something sweet.

Cuban artist Alejandro Campíns, profiled by Julia Cooke in the Summer 2010 issue of Modern Painters (a special issue on “Latin America’s next big stars”). The profile includes a gallery of images of Campíns, his studio, and his paintings. (You can see further examples of his work at the dpm gallery website.)

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