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In the November 2013 CRB

by Nicholas Laughlin on November 18, 2013

Still from Touch (video, 2002), by Janine Antoni, included in the exhibition Into the Mix Twenty-two months later, the CRB is back. Our November 2013 issue, published today, includes reviews of recent books of poems by Edward Baugh, Loretta Collins Klobah, and Sasenarine Persaud; recent fiction by Merle Collins and Keith Jardim; as well as [...]


Looking: Wrestling with the Image

by Nicholas Laughlin on January 25, 2011

Detail of I Am Not Afraid to Fight a Perfect Stranger, by John Cox (2009, acrylic on canvas). Image courtesy Nadia Huggins Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions, an exhibition of contemporary Caribbean art, curated by Christopher Cozier and Tatiana Flores, opened on 21 January, 2011, at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, [...]


“Up, out, and beyond”: talking about ARC

by Nicholas Laughlin on January 20, 2011

Cover of the first issue of ARC; image courtesy the publishers Creative work can’t thrive in isolation. Every artist, writer, musician, performer, or filmmaker needs contact with creative peers, a creative tradition, and an attentive audience, but also access to a critical space, a forum for sharing and discussing ideas. To put it more simply, [...]


The talented Mr Bridgens

by Nicholas Laughlin on December 8, 2010

Detail from West India Scenery (1836), by Richard Bridgens This week the CRB publishes Jonathan Ali’s review of Moloch Tropical, the most recent film by the Haitian director Raoul Peck; as well as an essay by Judy Raymond on the nineteenth-century Trinidadian artist Michel Jean Cazabon. “He’s considered a pioneer,” Raymond writes, and indeed in [...]


Looking: Vous Êtes Ici

by Nicholas Laughlin on October 29, 2010

Detail of Tropical Night (2006–present), by Christopher Cozier (version installed for Afro Modern, Tate Liverpool, 29 January–25 April, 2010). Image courtesy the artist Vous Êtes Ici (You Are Here), an exhibition of work by thirteen Caribbean artists, curated by Dominique Brebion, opens today at Fondation Clément in Martinique. Brebion quotes Édouard Glissant — The Creole [...]


R.I.P. Dawn Scott, 1951–2010

by Nicholas Laughlin on September 21, 2010

Dawn Scott working on A Cultural Object in 1985. Photograph courtesy the National Gallery of Jamaica Dawn Scott, Jamaican artist, died on Tuesday 21 September in Kingston. The National Gallery of Jamaica posted an obituary: Figurative batik was Dawn Scott’s main medium for some twenty years, culminating in her solo exhibition Nature Vive (1994) at [...]

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“Broader than Broadway”

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 31, 2010

Christian Campbell. Photograph by Sammy Rawal, courtesy Peepal Tree Press Today is Independence Day here in Trinidad and Tobago — parades, flags, fireworks — and today we also wrap up the current issue of the CRB with three last features. First, a portfolio of images from the painted wilde bussen — minibuses — of Paramaribo, [...]


“I call them neighbours”

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 30, 2010

Rafael Ferrer c. 1969. Photograph courtesy Da Wire When a critic referred to his style as “faux primitivism,” Ferrer objected that the characterisation was based on a prejudice about the people he depicted rather than on his way of painting them. “They can call the people in the paintings natives or they can call them [...]


R.I.P. Seya Parboosingh, 1925–2010

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 20, 2010

Sharing at the Table (1999), by Seya Parboosingh. Image courtesy the National Gallery of Jamaica Seya Parboosingh, American-born artist living in Jamaica since 1958, died on Friday 13 August in Kingston. The National Gallery of Jamaica blog published a short obituary: The painter and poet Seya Parboosingh, née Samila Joseph, was born in 1925, in [...]


Looking: Alejandro Campíns

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 5, 2010

Un minuto antes de iluminarse (2009), by Alejandro Campíns; oil and acrylic on canvas; 120 x 100 cm. Image courtesy Servando Galeria de Arte We live a strange sort of anachronistic poetry in Cuba . . . Even if you don’t want it to, this poetry influences what any artist here produces. You live in [...]


The future in the present

by Nicholas Laughlin on August 3, 2010

Enthroned Madonna (2010), by Marvin Bartley; digital print on archival paper; 109.2 x 241.3 cm. Image courtesy the National Gallery of Jamaica Regular Antilles readers may remember that nearly two months ago we posted a few images from and links to the Young Talent V exhibition at the National Gallery of Jamaica. The Young Talent [...]